Second World War online strategy game

Second World War Online is a continuation of our series of games dedicated to the Second World War. We have already released 3 games that have over a million installs in total and have received excellent reviews.

Feature of our new game.

— Unique combat system for mobile devices. Full control over units during combat, just like in classic PC strategy

— Up to 100 units for each side on the battlefield simultaneously.

— Epic battles are possible thanks to high-performance Unity 3D engine.

— Gameplay is designed for online battles, though it is still possible to play without the Internet, which is not typical for games of this genre

— The game features 3 warring parties: Allies, Germany and USSR.

— Each nation has more than a hundred units with its own characteristics and skills

— Unique system of upgrades and improvements for units.

— Clan system makes online battles even more interesting

Gameplay video:

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